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Black Ops 2 - Ultimate Easter Egg + Tips Thread

Here I will create a collection for all of the know tutorials for the map: 'Tranzit'.

There will be a mixture of Text and Video tutorials top hopefully explain in best detail what you are supposed to do.

Just a quick one, not all content is original in this thread, I have just compiled this together to make it easier for everyone.

•    -Tower of Babble - Achievement / Easter Egg
•    -Easter Egg Song - Song
•    -Bus Upgrade - Makes traveling on the Bus easier
•    -Pack-a-Punch - Upgrading Weapons
•    -Build-able Items - Makes the Game easier
•    -Nach der Untaten - Trip down memory lane
•    -The Bank - Transfer Money from Game to Game
•    -The Cabin - Bowie Knife / Building Easter Egg


How To Get To Level 50+ Solo or Multiplayer GUIDE!

Important Info:
Have money saved in the bank before you play the game where you want to go really far, because you need to buy stuff, I recommend playing a few games first and storing money in bank. For my game I had 30,000 stored in the bank.


Round 1.
Knife all zombies that are on floor with you (not windows).

Atatch all parts to blu-print for (Turbine)

Once you have used turbine to open doors DO NOT GET ON THE BUS! TURN LEFT! And run through the forest until you get to the bar/bank.

Open bank door and open safe door with a grenade explosion then go to the safe drawers and withdraw your money.
Then get Jaugernaught from the same area.

Go to the building beside where you got Jaugernaught and use the Turbine to open door and get the ladders. Then go to outside the bar and turn left. Same again, through the forest. Until you have reached the Electric Power room. Get all the parts from around the electric room to turn the electric on.


Go back to Bar/Bank go into the bar and buy your next perk Stamin' up.

Then go to the bank and blow up the other safe door (Through the first safe door)

If they bus is there by chance take it.
If zombies do get on the bus DO NOT KILL! Just avoid them with Jaugernaught you shouldn't get downed.

Now you are at starting point again. (Bus Depo).
Get off the bus and go in and buy quick revive and if you have by some chance lost your turbine pick up another one.

Get back on the bus and once again avoid zombie DO NOT KILL!
You should now be at the Diner.
Go to the back left of the diner and there is a door in the roof build the ladders onto the door in the roof and then jump up.
Then purchase the electric knuckle dusters from the wall.
While you are at Diner you also have use of the mystery box. Use it until you get a gun of your desire. (Hopefully Ray Gun)

Now if the bus has left without you follow it's trace onto the next part of the map which is the Farm. Nuckle dusters will kill those irritating little scrabbers with one punch.
Go into the barn and buy Double Tap.
Once you've did that follow the buses trail again and go to the next part of the map which is the Electric Room.
Go and lift the rope from up the stairs at where you turned the electric on, drop onto the walkway and go to where the splits in the ground are. Avoid falling into lava but lift the rope.
Now make a run for it again back to the Bar/Bank.
Go through the bank and in through the second safe that you blew up with your grenade earlier and go and 'Pack a Punch' your weapons after you have found all the parts and built the 'Pack a Punch' of course. (All parts are in the corridor of the blu-print).
Now go into the Bar and build the rope onto the blu-print.
Go back outside the bar and turn right.
When in the forest stay pretty close to the left and keep going straight you will then come to a cabin. Go into the cabin and lift the next piece which I think is a tyre. Make your way back to the bar and attatch the next piece to the blu-print.

If you are lucky enough to have the bus there like I was then get on it. if not make your way to the next stop that the bus would take which is right back to the start. (Bus Depo).

Make your run through the next path of the bus journey until you come to a piece of lava in the ground with the safe wall to the right. (where you buy M16.) And get the next piece. For me the next piece was to the left of the lava not to the right where you get M16. And it was on the ground in a corner.
The bus luckily for me was driving through and I got on. If not for you just keep running through until the next stop. Which is Diner, nothing to do here. Just wait on bus to leave for next stop. To put things shorter, you adventually want to get back round to the Bar/Bank again! Go into the bar and add that last piece you got.

Now make your way to the Electric room once your at the Electric room bus stop, turn right and go into the forest again. Keep staying left until you see an electric pylon then look left there should be crop fields follow the tracks in the crop field and you will arrive at the first ever Zombie map in World at War.
Go to the stairs and look for another part. (That's where it was for me).
Though it is definitely in that building somewhere
Make your way to the Bar/Bank and add the final part in the Bar. Now lift the Jet Gun.



Hello A lot of people are asking about zombie rank and bonuses i decided to end this thing ..

i did some research and i found that ...

first thing the bones which are decided by how many gibs you have taken out

the skulls are the headshots , the knife if by getting a lot of melee kills

others can be figured out based on this info


Quick revive is easy to do , you just need to revive team mates alot stamina is by miles traveled so be sure to be in that bus all the time faster hand /melee is by getting alot of melee kills and will result to have a speed reload jugg is by being hit a lot by zombies without dying fire immunity is by walking over it alot without dying double tap is by firing more bullets i reached 100k bullets before i got this one

SKULL (normal) = 60 headshots or a 10+level reached in tranzit

Skull with blue eyes

others can be figured out based on this information.

Thank you people and please stop spamming about the zombies rank ..as far as we know there is no official last rank so stop talking about that.

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